Top Financial Guru Francisco Colayco Brings Forth a Book for Women

From the author of numerous financial literacy books like Wealth Within Your Reach and Making Your Money Work— Mr. Francisco J. Colayco, comes another important book that teaches Filipinos on the values of saving, investing, and making the right decisions in one’s financial life.

For the first time, the book Easy Money para sa Kababaihan – mula sa Bulgar, Pera Mo Palaguin Mo! compiles Mr. Colayco’s articles first published in the newspaper Bulgar catered towards Filipino women. But that doesn’t mean that only hardworking mothers and daughters should buy the book. Certainly, anyone with the desire to improve one’s life or the life of his or her family could learn something from this book. Inside are interesting articles covering a wide range of topics from the history of money, characteristics of a woman who knows how to budget, to important financial concepts like interest rates, amortizing capital, risk & returns, and even tips on what kind of investment instrument is best suited for a person.

Although this is the first time for Colayco Foundation to come up with a compilation of articles for women, the book Easy Money para sa Kababaihan – mula sa Bulgar, Pera Mo Palaguin Mo! overall still teaches its readers the basic principles Mr. Colayco is known for: the proper way to save your money, and of course, how to grow and invest money!

The book is also thin and it could be browsed randomly for a dose of financial wisdom. Priced at Php95, it isn’t painful to the pocket but a big beef up to one’s financial literacy bookshelf. Indeed it is now easier and cheaper to achieve financial freedom!



Francisco J. Colayco is an entrepreneur, venture developer, and financial adviser. He has more than 40 years of experience in service contracting in the Middle East, manufacturing, trading construction, shipbuilding, management consulting, banking, and financial services. He was also given a Doctorate in Humanities Honoris Causa (Doctor of Humanities) by National University. He holds degrees in AB Economics and a Masters degree in Business Management from the Ateneo de Manila University.

He is currently the Chairman of the Colayco Foundation for Education, Inc., (CFE) a foundation that teaches financial literacy to Filipinos. CFE is the publisher of Wealth Within Your Reach (winner of National Book Award for Business and Economics 2004), Making Your Money Work (nominated for National Book Award 2005), Pera Palaguin Workbook, and Money for Kids. CFE is also the producer of the Pisobilities DVD series.

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