(Based on the performance of the best mutual funds!)

The Colayco Foundation strongly believes in the power of mutual funds to build wealth for the average income earning Filipino and for OFWs. 

WHAT ARE THEY? :  ”A Mutual Fund is an investment company that pools the funds of many individual and institutional investors to form a massive asset base.   The assets are then entrusted to a full time professional fund manager who develops and maintains a diversified portfolio of security investments.  People who buy shares of a mutual fund are its owners or shareholders.”*

HOW DO THEY WORK? : Depending on the type of mutual fund, a professional fund manager invests the gathered funds in stocks, government securities, and other financial instruments.  Thus the money of the shareholders is spread across different financial instruments. “A mutual fund can make money from its securities investments in two ways: a security can pay dividends and interest to the fund, or a security  can rise in value.  The fund passes any dividends, interest or profits on the sale of its portfolio securities, less fund expenses, to shareholders in the form of distributions.” These gains are reflected in the NET ASSET VALUE (or price) of each share of the mutual fund.


  • Gives an average annual returns of 8% to 20%. Returns are not guaranteed.
  • Medium Risk – Highly convenient since a professional fund manager takes care of the fund
  • Medium Risk – The fund is diversified
  • Medium Risk – Grants you opportunity to invest in more than one company
  • It’s affordable because you will only pay P5,000 or P10,000 to start investing.
  • Ideal for your medium to long term financial goals.

Source: PIFA

In INVESTAbility: Mutual Fund we teach you more than what you can read online about mutual funds. 


Investability Mutual Funds will help you:

  • Understand how mutual funds can help you achieve your wealth goals
  • Equip yourself with the skills to manage the RISKS of mutual fund investing (yes it’s great returns but there are REAL RISKS too).
  • Learn strategies for successful mutual fund investing such as the absolute value strategy, cost-averaging strategy and diversification strategy.

SMS or CALL 09178088857 NOW to register


If you invested in the start of 2008 by now your investment would have grown by 122%!



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A Hot Opportunity

Want your money to ride along the tidal wave of growth? An investing opportunity is currently waiting for you!

Corporate bond from GT Capital Holdings Inc.

Bond Issuer: First Metro Investment Corp

Holding Periods:  7 years (Gross Annual Interest: 5.1%-5.5%)                                                                                                     10 years (Gross Annual Interest: 5.4%-5.7%)

Minimum denomination: P50,000

Additional Investment: multiples of P10,000 thereafter

Offering Period: February 11-19, 2013

Settlement date: Feb 19, 2013


Other Info: GT Holdings can buy back the bonds from you, starting from the 4th to 6th anniversary year (for 7 year tenure) and from the 7th to 9th anniversary year (for 10 year tenure)

Go here for the full article at Business World!


Ms. Ina Pacheco (Manila)- 8587991

Ms. Grace Ong (Makati)- 8587986


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Ms ng Mayaman

Ang mga mayaman marunong!


Marunong magplano

Marunong mamili

Marunong magtipid

Marunong mag-ipon

Marunong mamahagi

Marunong mamuhunan

Marunong magpalago

At siyempre magmahal, mag-aruga, maglambing, magpasalamat, magpakasaya at manalangin!


Kung gusto mong yumaman, kailangan matuto!

Pisobilities will help you start your journey towards financial independence. It will equip you with the basics of proper money management-spending, saving, planning and investing. You will realize the value of having and setting financial goals. You will also be introduced to various financial instruments and strategies that can help you achieve your financial goals.

Pisobilities will help you realize that the journey towards wealth doesn’t have to remain an impossible dream. It’s within your reach! Whether you are an employee, entrepreneur, OFW, housewife, student, executive, YOU CAN DEFINITELY BECOME WEALTHY!!


Curious? Interested? Excited? Join us in our next Pisobilities seminar at February 16, Satuday, from 9:00 am to 12:00 nn. Click here for complete details.  For reservations and inquiries, you may reach us at the following contact details: call (632) 637-3731, (632) 502-4590, or (632) 637-374, text at 09178088857, or e-mail renzie@colaycofoundation.com

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The First of Many

Mr. Armand Q. Bengco as the speaker

Last January 19, the Colayco Foundation team held a successful Pera Mo, Palaguin Mo! Workshop. Our sixty-nine participants came from all walks of life,

  • OFWs from the US
  • married couples (one of which is expecting a child)
  • business owners
  • employees from Government!
  • employees from the private sector
  • retirees
  • young professionals

Truly the Pera Mo Palaguin Mo! Workshop is one of the most well attended and most appreciated events we conduct. One of our attendees flew in all the way from Zamboanga, here’s what he had to say!

A very lively crowd!

Thank you for making not only our pera malago  but, specially our mind.  It  was worth the trip, I took thousand kms trip and it had open  a million miles  of opportunity and realization. Talagang lumago..

Mr. Bengco was indeed  a good speaker, he was able to keep me awake and kept my focus in whole run of the workshop.  I am encourage to attend more of the  workshops , so please expect me to be a familiar face.  I guess not only to learn more, but, to have more fun.

 The workshop has made me realize that poverty can be cause by ignorance in managing your finances and not necessary the inadequacy of financial resources.


- Razmon

Our next Pera Mo, Palaguin Mo! Workshop will be on May 25, 2013. It’s still a long way off! If you are eager you can join the Pisobilities Weath Within Your Reach Seminar on February 16, 2013. Check out our 2013 seminar schedules here. 

Want one for your employees? Call 637-3731/637-3741. Kindly look for Mr. James Gonzales.

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