It looks like Puerto Princesa’s parents and kids got an early Christmas treat!

Mr. Armand Bengco with a parent and child

Last December 14, Klink Hagedorn sponsored a Money for Kids workshop for the residents of Puerto Princesa. Mr. Armand Q. Bengco, Executive Director of Colayco Foundation, was the main speaker of the workshop. Kids and parents were very ecstatic about the entire event. The kids got to learn the importance of being financially literate at a very young age. Parents, on the other hand, realized the value of helping themselves and their children to become financially savvy.


Parents enjoying the wit and humor of Mr. Bengco

The event was filled with various activities that parents and kids enjoyed:

Magic Money!

Because money can grow instantly...

...just like THAT!

Kids enjoying painting their alkansyas


A friendly reminder


Mr. Bengco with the kids

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Mr. Colayco Wins Anak TV Seal Award

Whoever said that financial literacy is only for adults?

Last December 4, Mr. Francisco Colayco won the Anak TV Seal Award for his program Pisobilities. The awarding ceremony was held in the morning at the Lord’s Flock Heritage Center in Quezon City.

Congratulations, Mr. Colayco!

The Anak TV Seal Award is a renowned award given to television programs that are known to be children-friendly by the Filipino public. Nowadays children can learn about almost anything from watching television. With so much violent and unethical content in television, it also affects how children behave and think. What is needed right now are TV programs that can educate children on proper behavior and thinking. The Anak TV body awards those programs that the Filipino viewing public recognizes as defending the correct and appropriate development of children.

Pisobilities is a television show hosted by Mr. Francisco Colayco. The program has different purposes. First, it educates Filipinos with the proper financial concepts and principles. Second, it tackles on different financial opportunities Filipinos can take on to grow their hard-earned money. Finally, it empowers Filipinos to make their hard-earned piso work for them to achieve the wealth they desire.

In winning the Anak TV Seal Award, it just goes to show that financial literacy is for everyone REGARDLESS OF AGE! In this period in history where children are becoming too materialistic, financial literacy enables all to re-think how money should be used to achieve true wealth. If you want your children to grow up financially savvy and smart, let them catch their Tito FJC on Pisobilities!

Catch Mr. Francisco Colayco in Pisobilities every Saturday, 6am, at GMA News TV and every Tuesday, 8 pm, at Light TV 33.

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Today begins CITI-FT’s 9th FInancial Education Summit at Makati Shangri-la with the theme Financial Capability as a 21st Century Life Skill.


The summit is a gathering of international entities engaged in the work of financial education, empowerment, inclusion, etc. The Colayco Foundation for Education has been invited time and again to present our work.


2005 in Kuala Lumpur

Expanding Financial Skills & Competence for a Secure Future

Presentor: Francisco J. Colayco

“Programmes targeted at adults who may have some financial knowledge, but who need to acquire the skills to better protect their income, manage their savings and investments, and choose from a range of financial products and services that can help provide long-term financial stability.”*

2007 in New Delhi, India 

Increasing Financial Literacy in Urban Areas

Presentor: Francisco J. Colayco

“People in urban and semi-urban areas may have better access to financial products and services and related consumer information, but most have never had any formal financial education. How can we engage urbanites to help them understand the fundamentals of personal financial management?”*


2009 in Singapore

Leveraging Technology To Maximise Impact

Presentor: Francisco J. Colayco

“Providers of financial education are increasingly exploring how technology, including online and mobile phone solutions, can expand the reach of their courses, improve communications, reduce delivery costs, and increase overall programme effectiveness. Experienced practitioners share their views on how technology has enhanced their financial education interventions in terms of both outreach and evaluation.”*

We are happy that the summit has finally made it’s way to Manila and we wish all the participants, especially those based in the Philippines more knowledge and connections to help us all build One Wealthy Nation.


*Source: Citi-FT Financial Education Summit Website


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Go Negosyo! OFW Summit

Last November 22, Mr. Armand Q. Bengco was invited to give a talk for OFW’s for Go Negosyo at the OFW and Family Summit at the World Trade Center. The event was sponsored by the Villar Foundation.

Mr. Bengco giving a talk

It was a memorable experience for the participants as they learned about the importance of proper financial management. Mr. Bengco delighted everyone with his usual hilarious and witty antics. It made the event more alive and ecstatic for everyone.

The entire World Trade Center crowd comes alive!

A participant with Mr. Bengco

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