New People on Board!

Two new people join the Colayco Foundation Family this 2012, Michael Bilgera as OWN Program Manager and Renzie Bailon as the new Seminar Accounts Officer.

Michael Bilgera is a graduate of AB- Major in Consular and Diplomatic Affairs at the De la Salle-College of St.Benilde. Last January 16, 2012 he officially joined the CFE Team as the “Project Manager” for the One Wealthy Nation Community (OWN).

Michael is an advocate for the alleviation of human suffering. He is a volunteer of the Philippine National Red Cross. The articles he wrote about the devastating earthquake that hit Cagayan de Oro and Iligan City were sent as reference to the Belgian National Red Cross.

He is also dreams of serving his country abroad fighting discrimination and human rights inflicted on his countrymen. He has passed the Civil Service Officer Examinations and is also planning to pursue further studies in Law in the future.

His main goal at the moment is to successfully launch and manage the One Wealthy Nation Community and the advocacy for financial literacy through savings and investment direly needed by his countrymen through the Colayco Foundation for Education.

Michael said that he’s proud to be part of the Colayco Foundation team. “This is a noble foundation since its main objective is to ensure that every Filipino can be wealthy through planning, saving and investing; through financial literacy wealth can definitely be reached” Michael said.


Renzie G. Bailon graduated with a Bachelor Degree of Consular and Diplomatic Affairs at De La Salle- College of Saint Benilde last July 2011 is the new Seminar Accounts Officer of Colayco Fondation. During her college life, graduation was her most awaited time. She believes that, this day will mark as the start of a new life; no more professors who will guide her until the end of the term, no more deadlines to be extended if asked for, no more “petix” times and, as she expected, no more allowance from “Mama”.

After graduation, Renzie spent six months with her mother in Israel. At which time she took on a part-time job where she started earning a lot more than a fresh graduate would working in the Philippines. Asking herself “Is this what I really want?” Renzie went back to the Philippines last January.

Amidst applying for positions at various large corporations, she was invited for a job interview at CFE. After learning more about the foundation, Renzie grabbed the opportunity to work for a meaningful cause as well as grow richer in knowledge about becoming wealthy.

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