Mutual Fund Performance

What is a Mutual Fund?


A Mutual Fund is an investment company that pools the funds of many individual and institutional investors to form a massive asset base.   The assets are then entrusted to a full time professional fund manager who develops and maintains a diversified portfolio of security investments.  People who buy shares of a mutual fund are its owners or shareholders.  Their purchases provide the money for a mutual fund to buy securities such as stocks and bonds.  A mutual can make money from its securities investments in two ways: a security can pay dividends and interest to the fund, or a security  can rise in value.  The fund passes any dividends, interest or profits on the sale of its portfolio securities, less fund expenses, to shareholders in the form of distributions.

Current Mutual Fund Performance – As of August 26, 2011

Fund Name NAV Per Share 1 yr. Return (%) 3 yr. Return (%) 5 yr. Return (%) YTD Return (%)
Stock/Equity Fund
ATR KimEng Equity Opportunity Fund, Inc. 2.7675 17.16% 16.49% 12.32% -0.76%
First Metro Save and Learn Equity Fund, Inc. 3.7856 33.74% 30.47% 21.39% 8.52%
Philam Strategic Growth Fund, Inc.*** 384.21 22.26% 23.12% 17.01% 1.58%
Philequity Fund, Inc. 21.0952 26.84% 26.87% 17.7% 4.44%
Philequity PSE Index Fund Inc. 2.8502 22.81% 20.59% 18.19% 5.37%
Philippine Stock Index Fund Corp.* 473.99 22.2% 18.08% 13.81% 3.38%
Sun Life Prosperity Phil. Equity Fund, Inc. 2.6982 22.65% 18.23% 14.38% 3.32%
United Fund, Inc. 2.7584 7.49% 11.8% 9.36% -3.52%
Balanced Fund
ALFM Growth Fund, Inc * 187.44 25.06% n.a. n.a. -0.13%
Bahay Pari Solidaritas Fund, Inc.* 1.4268 34.15% n.a. n.a. 0.69%
First Metro Save and Learn Balanced Fund Inc. 2.1086 30.21% 31.82% n.a. 6.05%
GSIS Mutual Fund, Inc. 2.9582 20.53% 20.25% 17.07% 1.18%
MFCP Kabuhayan Fund, Inc. 1.5881 12.42% 12.44% 10.14% -1.06%
NCM Mutual Fund of the Phils., Inc 1.4501 n.a. n.a. n.a. 1.26%
Optima Balanced Fund, Inc. 1.2792 19.07% 13.55% 6.15% 5.6%
Philam Fund, Inc. 12.832 20.15% 20.24% 15.55% 1.38%
Sun Life Prosperity Balanced Fund, Inc. 2.7077 18.09% 13.54% 11.42% 2.93%
Bond Fund
ALFM Peso Bond Fund, Inc.* 270.97 6.34% 5.97% 6.43% 2.17%
Cocolife Fixed Income Fund, Inc. 2.0026 13.65% 11.2% 9.35% 5.62%
Ekklesia Mutual Fund Inc.* 1.6265 8.27% 5.38% 5.58% 3.82%
First Metro Save and Learn Fixed Income Fund, Inc. 1.5438 10.44% 7.75% 6.85% 4.54%
Grepalife Bond Fund Corporation 1.1765 3.95% n.a. n.a. 3.15%
Philam Bond Fund, Inc. 3.2554 6.62% 6.43% 6.3% 3.71%
Philequity Peso Bond Fund, Inc. 2.6997 7.78% 7.4% 8.57% 4.24%
Prudentialife Fixed Income Fund Inc. 1.6059 5.02% 3.16% 5.07% 1.49%
Sun Life Prosperity Bond Fund, Inc. 2.292 6.7% 6.38% 5.36% 3.32%
Sun Life Prosperity GS Fund, Inc. 1.3461 7.56% 8.56% 6.43% 2.03%

* – NAVPS as of the previous banking day

** – NAVPS as of two banking days ago

Definition of Terms:

  • NAVPS – Net Asset Value Per Share Price of a unit of mutual funds)
  • 1/3/5 yr. Return – returns in percentage as of date indicated, if you invested on the same date (or its closest banking day) 1/3/5 years ago respectively
  • YTD Return – Year To Date Return (returns in percentage as of date indicated, if you invested on the first banking day of the year)
  • Stock/Equity Funds – money is invested primarily in stocks
  • Balanced Funds – approximately half of the money is invested in stocks and the other half in fixed income instruments like government securities or corporate bonds
  • Bond Funds – money is invested primarily in fixed income instruments like government securities and corporate bonds


  1. jose c. evangelista

    I like your website it’s very informative

    • Colayco Foundation Team

      Thank you. Good luck on your wealth journey. [Adm-Guita]

  2. how do i start investing in mutual fund, how much is the minimum investment?

    • Colayco Foundation Team

      Hi Efren. You need to choose a mutual fund company and a specific mutual fund. A complete list can be found here: You open an account with them much like you would a bank account – go to their office or meet with an licensed mutual fund agent, fill up application forms, bring 2 government issued IDs. Then you place your minimum investment (usually deposited in their nominated bank account), it differs per company but for most Php5,000 is enough. [Adm-Guita]

  3. Ken Sabaybay

    Thanks for this informations, and now im starting to envision of how this mutual fund investment can secure future needs. I really want to know more about this and start to invest on it. But with my little knowledge about it, can i ask if what are points or things i must consider on choosing an investment company (among all of this mutual fund companies)?

  4. Remember, you must have your personal SAL and PIES and understand your personal financial plan. Assuming you have your long term objectives, you can choose the kind of mutual fund that is best for you (equity?, fixed income?, balanced?)

    You may want to consider the top performers first both current and historical. Check out their website and communicate with them.

    Best you attend our Investability seminar as explained in this website.

  5. first I would like to thank MR.colayco , his team and partners.THANK for your sincecerest advocacy to help people improve their lives by providing sensible information regarding personal finance.KEEP IT UP AND MAY THE LORD OUR GOD BLESS YOU MORE,so that you can prvide and help more!!!

  6. Rafael Martinez

    good evening… I still could not figure out the answer to the most important question of “when to get out?”

    uitf have holding period but i guess it will be renewable. mutual fund have no holding period? so when do I get out>? thank you…

    • Colayco Foundation Team

      Hi Rafael, I think you forgot to make your goals/objectives/target before you invested. You get out when you have already achieved your goals/objectives/target. We highly suggest that you attend the Pera Mo Palaguin Mo Workshop on June 11 so that you’ll be properly guided and you can ask us directly of your concerns.

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