Grow with Mutual Funds

Called the greatest democratizer of investments… MUTUAL FUNDS are a viable wealth generation instrument many Filipinos have never heard of before.

If you started investing in an equity mutual fund on January 4, the first working day of 2010, and you redeemed your investment on Oct 27,  2010 your investment would have grown anywhere from 25-78% (Source:  Returns are not guaranteed in mutual funds, but the risks of investing in a mutual fund are manageable even by ordinary investors.

Armand Bengco, Colayco Foundation Executive Director discussing the Investment Clock

What mutual funds are, how to maximize your investment, how to manage the risks… these are only some of the items discussed in INVESTability: Mutual Funds last October 27, 2010 by Mr. Armand Q. Bengco, Colayco Foundation Executive Director.

We would like to thank FAMI Mutual Fund for sponsoring the venue for INVESTability: Mutual Fund October 27, 2010.

The Colayco Foundation conducts INVESTability: Mutual Funds.

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  1. Ivan Carino

    Sir/ Madam:

    I am writing your good office to inquire about your mutual fund program. May you send any information pertinent to investing to mutual fund. And the instructions at opening an account. I’m from the province and attending Mutual fund seminar is not available to me right now.



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