There’s an instrument that is considered the greatest democratizer in investing.  You can do what, in the past, only very rich people could do.  And you can start with just Five thousand pesos. But since this is not common knowledge, many are skeptical about it. Interested to know more about mutual funds?

Colayco Foundation for Education (CFE), Inc. presents Investability: Mutual Fund, a seminar how to understand investment instrument better. On May 21, 2pm- 5pm at the Social Hall, 7/F, Citystate Center Condominium, 709 Shaw Boulevard, Pasig City. This is an ownership type of investment which yields high returns (64% in 2010) but are high risk as well (-40% in 2008).

One attendee said: “Thank you for the wonderful seminar on mutual funds. Just to see and know that there are such people who are willing to help and improve the lives of other makes this world a better place with high hopes and dreams. Now we have the tools…now is the time to use them.”

CFE is the first, most experienced and most effective in teaching personal finance. It aims to help close the widening poverty gap, stimulate entrepreneurship and wealth creation through financial education. Its mission is to give the ordinary income-earning Filipinos access to financial education and information that has long been perceived as only for the ‘privileged’. We focus on practical planning, saving and growing savings through wise spending and prudent investing. CFE provides series of public and corporate seminars and workshops.

More money is not the solution to our financial problems. A financially healthy individual is a productive individual. You have to keep more of the money you earn and do more with the money you keep.

Other CFE seminars are Pera Mo, Palaguin Mo! Workshop on June 11, which will equip the attendees the skills to make a personal financial plan to build wealth; about the Stock Market, Investability: The Stock Market June 25, 2pm; Fixed Income Instruments and analyzing Stocks. For details, call tel. 6373731/6373741/6314446/email Register early and avail of early bird discounts. There are also group discounts.


  1. johny

    hello po may i ask kung tama po yung naiisip ko, it is right po ba na kapag tumubo yung funds, i pull out po yung tubo then bumili ng isa pang mutual fund isa bang company then yung tubo po uli ay ibibili ko uli ng isang mutual fund….hope you answer this

    • Colayco Foundation Team

      The answer depends on your objective. If the objective is accelerate capital growth then NO this is not a good idea. Every time you sell to liquidate your returns you reduce your mutual fund shares. If the market continues to go up then you will have less shares to work for you.

      On the other hand, if the objective is to diversify or to preserve income then that is a good idea.

      We do hope this helps.

  2. mercy mfarquez

    I would like to know more about investing in mutual funds with a minimal fee only, just to start my investments. What are the other form of investments for a small employee like me?



    • Colayco Foundation Team

      Hi Mercy, we highly encourage you to attend the Investability: Mutual Fund to address your concern to know more about investing. We categorize investment as LEND and BUY investments. To better understand, please make time to attend our seminar or read our books.

  3. Hello Mr.Colayco! I am a housewife,my husband is 61yrs.old and I am 24yrs old. With php5000 savings every month I want to invest this money for the future if my family..My husband is not getting younger, he wants to get a life insurance for me but the premium he is going to pay is php6000 every month… Pls help….I don’t know what to do. do…Thank you and God bless!

    • Colayco Foundation Team

      Ms. Kaye, we sent you an email regarding your inquiry. I do hope that would help. Thank you for writing.

  4. J. Sarmiento

    A pleasant day to you Mr. Colayco! Sir will you be the one conducting the seminar on Mutual Fund? We’re your fans! My husband and I bought your book last 2006. We’re about to follow what we learned from you when came 2007 my husband lost his job, I had an accident (leg fracture due to bad fall) then was diagnosed and got operated for stage one cervical cancer, all in the same year. And now that we’re a bit recovering, we want to make sure we put our hard-earned money to the right investment. We dream of putting up a T-shirt printing business and a home-baking business once we have sufficient funds. Sir will there be any other date aside from May 21 for the Mutual Fund seminar coz there’s already an event that we need to attend on that day? Looking forward to meet you and learn more from you! God bless you sir! =)

    • Colayco Foundation Team

      It will be the Executive Director of the Colayco Foundation conducting the seminar for the Investability: Mutual Fund. Do attend our June 11 Pera Mo, Palaguin Mo Workshop and bring your book so that Mr. Colayco can sign. Early bird discount is available please get in touch with our office 6373731 or 41. Thank you and God bless you and your husband.

      • J. Sarmiento

        That’s great! Sure I’ll call next week and will still try to attend the Mutual Fund seminar. Thanks! More power! =)

  5. Hello Sir,

    If i have 15,000 available in my hand.. whats are good investments to start of or any good business ideas?..please help, dnt know what to do this amount i have now to increase in the next 2 years…

    • Colayco Foundation Team

      The answer depends on your timeline. Do you need the money in 2 years? Business would depend on the opportunities available. If you wish to invest and can absorb risk, try balanced mutual funds. if you can’t take risk, just put it in time deposit or hopefully the government issues RTBs in the coming days.

  6. Bogard T.

    Hi, I want to learn more about the 5000 pesos investment, I am planning to attend the seminar on May 21, is there a fee for the said seminar and may I know how much? Also, after investing 5000 would there be an option to increase my investment, and if there is, what would be the minimum? Thank you.

    • Colayco Foundation Team

      Hi Bogard, sorry for the late reply. Just check out our next mutual fund seminar in case you were not able to attend last May 21. Or check out Yes you may increase. For mutual funds, minimum of PhP1,000 reinvestment.

  7. would like to know, please, where to invest in mutual funds. Our place is tacloban city.

    • Colayco Foundation Team

      i have emailed you to answer your queries. let us know if you have further concerns. thanks.

  8. dorcas

    How much is the registration fee for the Pera Mo, Palaguin Mo! Workshop on June 11 and what time? Thanks!

    • Colayco Foundation Team

      Registration fee is PhP3,000 but if you pay on or before June 3, you can get a 50% discount and just pay PhP1,500. We start at 1pm and ends 5pm.

  9. cecile

    hi! I’ve read mr. colayco’s wealth and money together with the workbook…and it really inspired me to make my money grow.paulit ulit ko po itong binabasa lalo na sa investment tips,but i realized maliit pa din ang interest na binabalik ng im into atm money lending with a fair interest to my clients,mostly are callcenter agents..wanna know more about KSK coop,and other investment opportunities,or upcoming seminars on where to invest..thanks in advance!..hope to receive an email from you guys:)

    • Colayco Foundation Team

      Hi Cecile. Do attend our Investability seminars: Stock Market, Mutual Fund & Fixed Income Instruments so that you’ll be knowledgeable with the different instruments and see which will help you achieve your objectives considering your risk appetite. Please check our calendars for the schedule.

      You may get in touch with for further details about KsKCoop. I will also forward to him your email address. Or you may call him 6373731 or 41. Thank you.

  10. M. DSantos

    I am interested with the 5K investment. Please send me information about it.

    • Colayco Foundation Team

      Already sent you email regarding your inquiry.

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