For all KSK Coop members, come and celebrate 10 years of financially empowering Filipinos through COLLECTIVE INVESTING!

From a simple dream, KSK Coop has become one of the leading institutions that provide alternative investing and business ventures to income-earning Filipinos. KSK Coop was established by Filipino OFW’s in Hong Kong back in 2004, after listening to a financial seminar given by Colayco Foundation. They decided to bond together and get into profitable businesses. They pooled together money from various people and invest it in these businesses. Eventually, KSK Coop was able to get into more businesses and provide higher returns to its members.

By bonding together to invest in profitable businesses, the coop has helped millions of Filipinos achieve their financial goals. This just goes to show that in the journey to wealth, MORE IS DEFINITELY BETTER!

If you are a KSK Coop member, make sure to catch the festivities at the following areas:


Sept 7 – Hong Kong
Caritas Theatre, No. 2 Caine Road, Central, Hong Kong
Sept 28 – Mandaluyong Philippines
Mega Trade Conference Room, SM MegaMall, Mandaluyong, Philippines (updated)


To confirm your attendance, call 637-3731/41 or send an email to or

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Last Saturday, the Colayco Foundation for Education conducted the Pera Mo, Palaugin Mo Workshop from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. Mr. Armand Bengco, the Executive Director of CFE, facilitated the workshop.

Around 100 people attended the said workshop. Representatives from various organizations like Purefoods, Red Ants Media, and RHTV were also present during the event. They were invited to see how the foundation conducts its monthly seminars to the public.

The participants learned the basic activities related to proper wealth management- earning, saving, spending, investing, and most important of all, PLANNING. They found out how much they will need to retire and the target amount they need to sustain themselves during their retirement. More than 70% of the attendees were surprised about what they found out. Nevertheless, Mr. Bengco guaranteed them that with IMMEDIATE ACTION, they can achieve it.

Even if the seminar was for a whole day, the participants heartily enjoyed it. They felt enlightened about the lessons they received about wealth. They also enjoyed the witty and hilarious antics of Mr. Bengco. But most importantly, they were astounded when they got to listen to MR. COLAYCO’s words of wisdom.
They even got the chance to have their books signed and have their pictures taken with MR. COLAYCO himself.

Start making your Holidays jollier by becoming more financially savvy! Our next public seminars for this month are Pisobilities: Wealth Within Your Reach (September 12) and Investability: Mutual Funds (September 19). For more details, call 09178632131.

We would like to thank our partners for making the Pera Mo,Palaguin Mo Workshop possible: Landbank, Chooks to Go, Philequity, aurumOne Makati Hotel, One Wealthy Nation Mutual Fund, Fabre Castell, and KSK Coop!

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The first season of Nang Magising si Juan ended last Aug. 10.  Look out for announcements on the second season by late August or early September.  Ariel went to Hong Kong with the CFE Team to attend an orientation of members of KsKCoop.  He had such a great time with them and Ariel realized how much sacrifices the OFWs in Hong Kong have been enduring through the years.


Ariel got a little emotional at end of the KSK Coop Orientation Seminar — with the following realization:’Na-realize ko, kung ito ngang mga kababayan natin — naghihirap at nagtitiyaga dito sa ibang bansa, malayo sa kanilang mga pamilya — ay kayang ayusin at harapin ang kanilang mga problemang pinansiyal, ako pa kaya na nasa sarili kong bansa at may maayos na trabaho. Nagising ako…

Ariel with Mr. Armand Bengco (KSK Coop Gen. Manager) and the rest of KSK Coop members in Hong Kong

Missed the past episodes of season 1? Catch them at!


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Beware of ATM Skimming

Few days ago, news got out about a woman who lost her retirement fund of P400,000 from her ATM account. For 31 years, she worked hard to earn and save that amount. Investigation revealed that her bank account details were obtained without her knowing it. Apparently, someone installed a device in the ATM machine she used and copied her card’s details (for more details of the story, click here).

The woman was one of the victims of card skimming, a dubious practice where criminals install a device within an ATM machine to obtain card details of ATM holders. Most of the victims are those who have a big amount of money in their ATM accounts. In just a blink of an eye, they can lose everything they had worked for.

We at the Colayco Foundation would like to remind everyone NEVER to have a big amount of money in your ATM account. It’s important to spread your money in different investments. Mr. Armand Bengco, the foundation’s Executive Director, recommends having only an amount up to P5,000 in your ATM card, especially if it’s your payroll account. Life savings (if one already has it) should be placed somewhere safer like a time-deposit account.  Putting it in an ATM account is highly vulnerable to ATM skimming.

When handling your ATM card, you must always exercise caution. Here’s an infographic from on how to protect yourself against ATM skimming:

There’s a deep truth in the saying “Prevention is better than cure.” And this is highly applicable in personal finance. If you do not exercise it, then you risk losing the wealth you worked hard to achieve.




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