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All 6 books of Francisco J. Colayco

Wealth Within Your Reach (SRP Php395)
Making Your Money Work (SRP Php395)
Money for Kids (SRP Php295)
Pera Palaguin Workbook (SRP Php145)
Easy Money para sa Kababaihan (SRP Php95)
Pisobilities Gabay sa Buhay Pinansyal (SRP Php95)


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InvestAbility: Mutual Funds

3 Reasons to Invest in Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds are the best growth instrument for ordinary income earners for these 3 very simple reasons:


For a minimum of Php5000 initial investment (and a minimum of Php1000 every additional investment) mutual funds can be the primary growth vehicle for your hard earned savings. It is possible to invest this low because mutual fund managers pool the money of many investors to make a big fund which can be used to purchase stocks and bonds which as an individual you may not be able to purchase on your own.


For ordinary people to effectively invest in the stock market and debt market directly, one would need to invest in education, time and amass a bigger capital to prudently manage the risks and gains of these individual investment instruments. Mutual funds are managed by professional fund managers – people who have spent their lives honing the craft of growing your money through the equities and debt markets! They live, eat and breath the financial markets thus they are able to effectively grow the funds under management as well as preserve the fund in times of economic decline. Mutual funds are also highly regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commisison. They follow very strict procedures in managing the fund as required by the SEC.


A mutual fund company is required to buy back your investment at any time. This means that unlike the stock investing where you have to wait till the system matches your volume-price sell offer with that of a buyer – in mutual funds, there is always a ready buyer – the mutual fund company. There are no maturity periods though if you redeem your investment before six (6 months) a minimal exit fee is charged. Over all, you can get the cash when you need it. This is very important as you may have future unforeseen financial obligations or opportunities wherein you need money.

Who should invest in mutual funds?

Ideal for those who would like to grow their money in an instrument with good returns, medium-risk and low maintenance requirements.


Learn about mutual fund investing strategies to achieve your Php1M, by joining Colayco Foundation’s upcoming InvestAbility Mutual Fund Seminar.

Date & Time:       8 November, Saturday. 9am-3pm

Venue:                  AurumOne Hotel Makati (Click here for directions

Speaker:               Armand Q. Bengco, Executive Director, Colayco Foundation

Program:              InvestAbility Mutual Funds (inclusive of KsKCoop Orientation)

Register & Secure Your Seat Now. Pay Online via Credit Card!

We teach you more than just the what and how to (which a decent sales agent can tell you). We focus on equipping you with the right long-term strategies to investing effectively in mutual funds and achieving your wealth goals. For seminar details and other payment options SMS 09178632131.

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Pisobilities in Cebu


Pisobilities is coming to your city.


Colayco Foundation will conduct the Pisobilities: Wealth Within Your Reach seminar on November 15, from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm, in Cebu. Pisobilities teaches you the basic skills of proper money management-earning, planning, saving, spending, and investing. Knowing and mastering them will guarantee you the significant change you want in your personal finances.  You will also be introduced to the available investing opportunities around that will help you grow your wealth. And lastly, you will obtain the winning mindset that will help you reach the wealth you heartily desire.

UNLOCK THE POWER TO BE WEALTHY TODAY! Registration fee is only P500, PLUS a free “Wealth Within Your Reach” book by Francisco Colayco.


Reserve your seat by: 
Sending an SMS 09178632131 or EMAIL training@colaycofoundation.com

With the following information:

  • Name of Participant/s
  • Date of Seminar
  • Mode of Payment (see below)
Reservations are held for three (3) days only, payment must be received for your slot to be confirmed.
Pay Online Now!
Or Pay Over the Counter


Confirm payment receipt. Contact Us at  637-3731/41 or 09178632131.












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Mr. Colayco @ Super Seventy

What’s life like when you’re 70?  Many people might be more at home, pursuing the routine of relaxing with family and friends and “eat, sleep, watch TV.”  If it is correct that the average Pinoy lives up to 77 years old according to the SSS, perhaps, that seems like a fair description.

 However, this is definitely not even close to describing Francisco J. Colayco (FJC)’s life.

Now 70 years old, the country’s first and leading personal finance guru remains active in empowering Filipinos through financial literacy. Financial literacy is growing demand among many income-earning Filipinos. And yet, there are still those who yearn to know where to grow their hard-earned wealth.As the Founder and Chairman of Colayco Foundation for Education, FJC believes that right information and action leads to right results.

FJC’s commitment to financial literacy didn’t happen overnight. Born in October 10, 1944, he was only four months old when his father meta hero’s death in the liberation of Manila. His mother was left with the herculean task of raising all seven children. Despite the odds, she was able to have them all educated.“My mother told us that there are only two things she would give us: a good name and a good education,” he recalls.

FJC’s life has been filled with vast and unique experiences. He has been involved in service contracting, manufacturing, trading, construction, shipbuilding, management consulting, banking, and financial services. He has had his share of failues but these experiences only made him wiser and tougher than ever before.

In 2001, FJC established theColayco Foundation for Education (CFE) to be the pioneer and prime mover for the financial literacy and empowerment of income-earning Filipinos.  Notably, FJC and his CFE Team have successfully produced and published8 multi-awarded and best-selling financial education books and financial video series, talks and seminars.  Financial education programs through mass tri-media of popular TV shows, radio, and articles in major publications and websites have been on-going for the past ten years, bringing accolades that would amaze even FJC.

These initiatives and successes were certainly precious and something to be proud of.   It’s been most gratifying that so many have followed his lead.  There are now quite a number of financial coaches and even institutions that  promote personal finance and investments  to .the income-earning Filipinos.  Since “Wealth Within Your Reach” was published, a number of local authors have come out with all kinds of primers and books. TV shows, newspaper and magazine articles focusing  on money have sprouted as regular features.  Indeed the country’s multi media networks have found the advocacy of the Colayco Foundation as clearly worthy to promote and sustain.

Continuing to pioneer, FJC has moved forward from financial education by theoretical teaching of the basics of personal money management to the implementation of the principles that are offered.

FJC and KSK SMP Coop. 

While imparting knowledge is important, FJC believes that action is the key to change. Applying what one learned leads to drastic changes. In 2004, he, Armand Bengco, Michael Benares, Jun Paragasand other OFW’s founded the Kapatiran sa Kasaganaan Service and Multi-Purpose Cooperative(KSK Coop), a primary cooperative that offers alternative investing opportunities to income-earning Filipinos. KsK  members were given the opportunity to pool together money to build and invest in businesses that, in time, would bring them good returns.

From the start it was clear to the members that in any investment or business endeavor, there are risks and that there are no absolute guarantees for achieving gains.  However, iit was also clear to all that timeis the biggest ally in investing as it not only mitigiates risks, but it also provides remarkable growth through compoiunding.

This year 2014, marks the tenth anniversary of the KSK Coop.  Over this period, the coop has ventured and provided its’ members investment opportunities in  a broad range of business and investment activities. From zero savings and investments ten years ago, the members of KSK, on top of their share capital in the Coop, have built collective personal wealth in the tens of millions just with small but regular savings and investment programs provided by KSK.   From nothing  Today, KSK has ongoing businesses in rural banking (One Wealthy Nation Bank), food retail (Chowking and SanMig Food Ave.) and income earning real estate, namely, aurumOne Makati, a 63 room business hotel in Bangkal, Makati.

Although formally retired, FJCseems to be even more active now.He keeps his business acumen honed by pursuing his passion forbuilding ideas, businesses, and interacting with people. For the “Godfather of Filipino Personal Financial Literacy,” there is still much work to be done.

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Francisco Colayco's Blog

Kabutihan Kapag Kinakalat ang Puhunan

Simple lang naman ang paraan ng pamumuhunan sa mga MF at UITF. Bibili lang ng mga parte sa kanila. Pero nag-iiba-iba ang presyo ng mga parte bawat araw. Ang presyong ito ay nakasaad bilang Net Asset Value (NAV) ng bawat parte. Saka lang talaga kikita kapag ibinenta na ang mga parteng sa mas mataas n …

An Investment Coop?

by: Francisco J. Colayco Last September 7, our very own Kapatiran sa Kasaganaan Multi-Purpose Coop (KSK Coop) celebrated its 10th year anniversary! From a handful of passionate members, it has grown so much throughout the years. It already has 2000+ members ALL AROUND THE WORLD. KSK Coop is a very u …

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