What can I do with P10 million?

How much should I need to buy my dream house?

How long will it take me to take a tour to Singapore?


Make your dreams into plans! Join the upcoming Pera Mo, Palaguin Mo Workshop!

The Pera Mo, Palaguin Mo Workshop is a personal finance workshop designed to help you chart your courses to your financial goals. Most people think that financial planning is so difficult, that it’s limited only to professional financial planners. The Pera Mo, Palaguin Mo Workshop equips with the necessary knowledge and skills about financial planning. You will be able to specifically calculate how much you will need to achieve your goals within a specific time. You will also be introduced to financial opportunities that will help you reach your particular goals. Overall, you will be able to plot your journey towards your financial dreams!


Start charting your course to wealth! Join us on August 16, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. For more details, call or text 09178632131. 50% early bird discounts are available, up until July 31!

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Ariel, in Nang Magising si Juan last July 20, was feeling insecure about his not accomplishing much in his financial life.  Together with his friend, Long Mejia, he tried to think up of businesses but because of other commitments, Long Mejia leaves Ariel on his own.  Ariel decided to sell chickens because he loves to eat chicken and his best brand is Bounty Fresh Chicken, Chooks-to-Go.  He bought frozen chicken from Bounty Chicken and started selling them house-to-house and store-to store.  However, his selling was unplanned.  He even ate some of the chicken that he was supposed to sell.  He realized that he didn’t like that particular business because it was not a business that he really liked  He realized that he could not go on without asking for advice.


He approached Armand Bengco, Executive Director of Colayco Foundation to help him.  Armand explained to Ariel the basic concepts of setting up a business.

After hearing the suggestions, Ariel asks Armand Bengco if he would like to be a partner in his business by putting in money.  Of course, Armand knows better.  You should not agree to being a partner and especially not putting in money into a business that your partner has obviously no expertise in.

On Sunday, July 27, join Ariel again on Nang Magising Si Juan as he continues to try to set up a business. Ariel continues to believe that his talent is in show business.Ariel joins Chooks-To-Go’s Kwela Van road show to impress the brand’s marketing head and consider him as their newest endorser.


We have sponsors for the show like Bulgar, Bounty Fresh Chicken Chooks-to-Go, Mang Inasal and LandBank of the Philippines.  With them, we are able to give all Filipinos information while watching an enjoyable comedy show.  Please pass the word to your family and friends.

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Pisobilities – July 19, 2014

Last Saturday, Colayco Foundation conducted a “Pisobilities: Wealth Within Your Reach” seminar at the citystate Center building in Pasig. Ms. Guita Gopalan, Managing Director of the Colayco Foundation, facilitated the seminar. When the participants first came, most of them expressed many concerns regarding being clueless about handling their own money. They expected to learn on how to manage their money effectively.

And true enough, the seminar was true to its word! The participants learned the basic knowledge and skills in managing their personal finances- earning, planning, saving, spending, and investing. They were also introduced to the various opportunities needed to help them get started to wealth building. Lastly, they obtained the winning mindset that will help them achieve their desired wealth.

Overall, it was another learning and fun-filled seminar.

Join us in our upcoming seminar on August 16! For more details, text 09178632131!

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Why Get Us?

Do your employees have loan problems?

Are they not saving and investing their money?

Are they not performing optimally?


For more than 10 years, Colayco Foundation has been at the forefront of providing personal finance seminars to various organizations. And they have not made the wrong choice of choosing us.

Why choose us you ask?

Why not just listen to these people who attended our in-house seminars!

Wealth is within EVERYONE’S REACH, especially to your employees and members! Let us help them get started to the road of financial independence. Call 637-3731/41 and look for Ms. Mags Paguyo. You can also send an e-mail to info@colaycofoundation.com!

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