Colayco Foundation at Avon

Last March 12, Colayco Foundation for Education conducted a financial literacy seminar for over 200  business partners of Avon at Solaire in Pasay City. Mr. Armand Bengco, Executive Director of the Colayco Foundation for Education, conducted the seminar.

At the end of the seminar, Pisobilities: Money and Entrepreneurship, all participants went home more competent in handling their personal finances.

Interested to have one conducted for your organization, cooperative, trade partner or clients? Please call  637-3741 or email

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OWN-ing Your Pisobilities

Last Saturday, Colayco Foundation held a free Pisobilities: Wealth Within Your Reach seminar for the members of the One Wealthy Nation (OWN) community. The free seminar is part of the benefits of becoming an OWN member. Mr. Armand Bengco, Executive Director of the Colayco Foundation, conducted the seminar for the members. The members learned not only the basics of proper personal finance management. They were also introduced to the various financial opportunities on where to grow their hard-earned money. Overall, the seminar helped the members start their journey to financial wellness. And they are to do it TOGETHER!



Join us in our upcoming Pisobilities seminar on April 30. For more details, please call 637-3731 or 637-3741.

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It was a tiring but fulfilling two days for Colayco Foundation.

Last April 1, Colayco Foundation conducted a financial wellness seminar for the employees of Lifeline Diagnostics Supplies. Mr. Armand Bengco, the Executive Director of CFE, facilitated the seminar. Around 100 people participated in the event. They were taught the basics of managing their personal finances- planning, earning, saving, spending, and investing. They were also introduced to opportunities on where to passively grow their money.


On the next day, a financial wellness seminar was conducted for the employees of Amcor Tobacco Packaging in Cainta. Mr. Bengco again conducted the seminar. Like the previous day, the participants were also taught the basic ropes of proper personal finance management.


At the end of the sessions, the employees from both companies learned significant insights and lessons. Furthermore, they also enjoyed Mr. Bengco’s witty and hilarious antics.


Want us to conduct seminars for your company or group? Give us a call at 637-3731 or 637-3741. You could also send an email to

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Pisobillities for OWN Members

What can P1 buy you today?

A piece of candy? A sheet of paper? A 1 minute phone call?

What if we tell you it can buy your FINANCIAL FUTURE?

On April 12, Saturday, Colayco Foundation for Education will conduct Pisobilities: Wealth Within Your Reach. Pisobilities is the seminar that teaches you the basic ropes in managing their personal finances-planning, saving, spending, and investing. You will also be introduced to the various opportunities that you can grow your money.

The seminar will be conducted for the members of the One Wealthy Nation (OWN) community FOR FREE!!! The OWN community is a group whose members are dedicated in making a difference in their financial lives. For an annual membership fee of P1000, you can enjoy various benefits: access to various financial educational materials from Colayco Foundation, free attendance to certain financial seminars, personalized financial advice from the CFE team, and others.

What are you waiting for? MAKE YOUR FINANCIAL FUTURE YOUR OWN TODAY! Be an OWN member and join us in our seminar this Saturday. To be an OWN member, visit today, or call us at 637-3731.

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